Singer/songwriter Marsha Pierson spends most of her days deep in the rhythm of the lives of others. As a psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay area, she is inspired by life’s paradoxes, and the often transcendent power of personal pain. Themes of love, loss and self-determination are woven into the songs of her debut album, Fast Dream. Soulful and mysterious melodies convey deeply felt emotions. Ethereal and layered vocal harmonies combine with well-constructed keyboard, guitar and drum arrangements, providing a colorful backdrop for Pierson’s storytelling.

As a young woman, Pierson tapped into her southeastern Ohio roots while performing in a traditional Appalachian music and theater ensemble. Pierson played traditional instruments and sang gospel and folk music at performances throughout Ohio.

In 1979 Pierson moved to Morgantown, West Virginia where she was part of a community of activists and musicians that frequented the legendary Underground Railroad, a music venue for local and national bands. Pierson continued to perform live music playing coffeehouses and benefits. In the mid-80’s she managed a local alternative rock band, directed a social agency for the elderly, and helped found a shelter for the homeless. And she began to write original music.

It was in Morgantown Pierson first met her collaborator and producer, Mark Poole, owner and engineer of Zone 8 Recording studio and lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter of The Phantom Six.

Pierson left Morgantown in 1989 to manage programs for the homeless in New York City. She spent the latter part of the 90’s in Germany, where she worked as a psychotherapist for the U.S. Military and traveled throughout Europe. Grief, fear, defiance, resilience – her own and others’ – continued to inform her musical and personal path. In late 2001 she relocated to Washington D.C. to work with individuals affected by the attacks of 9/11. She moved to The Bay area in 2015.

Pierson and Poole reunited and recorded her first track, Flight, in November 2011. The two have completed 38 tracks and will be releasing 14 on the CD, Fast Dream. Pierson’s vocals and acoustic guitar are supported by Poole’s multi-instrumental accompaniment while session drummers, Clint Sutton, Chris Audia and Nick Kirk handle the percussion duties. Fast Dream is a genuine and unique collaboration of Pierson and Poole’s varied musical styles and experiences. The CD is set for release in December, 2019 with national online distribution through Spotify, CD Baby, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon.